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Eyebrow Shape £9

Eyebrow Tint* £7
Eye Lash Tint* £10
Eye Brow Wax & Tint* £14

Eye Package (All 3*) £22

HD Brows £25*

Weekend Lashes* £15

Semi Permanent Lashes

lash treatments including semi permanent lashes are so popular right now and if applied and cared for correctly they do not damage your own natural lashes. We have years of experience and knowledge regarding different lashes and what ones you choose to go for really depends on the type of look you are looking for and what you have to work with with regards to your own natural lash. For instance, if you wanted a thick full look and your own lashes are sparse they the ‘classic’ lash wouldn’t be for you. However if you wanted a really natural look.. Maybe your getting married or have a special  occasional and don’t wear lashes or a lot of make up usually? then the ‘classics’ or even the tahitian (a personal favorite of mine) would work for you. If you are unsure of what to go for or what will work with your eyes and facial features please come in and discus this with us, we are happy to help and will be sure to guide you in the right choice for you.

Classic Semi-Permanent Lashes £39  One False on One natural Lash a  Natural look available in a trange of thicknesses and curls.

  • Classic Top-Up 30 min £20
  • Classic Top-Up 60 min £25

Hollywood Semi Permanent Lashes*£49  One False one on one Natural Lash Creating a Dramatic Look with Thicker, Curlier Lashes.

  • Hollywood Top-Up 30min £20
  •  Hollywood Top-Up 60min £25

Lash Perfect Russian Volume Lashes £59  The Ultimate Volume Lash Using Up To 6 False Lashes per Natural Lash Creating a Strip Lash Effect. A real dramatic look available in a range of lengths and curls.

  • Russian Top-Up 30min £25
  • Russian Top-Up 60min £30

Lash Perfect Tahitian Lashes £69  A gorgeous natural feathered look using 3 different length lashes per natural lash.

  • Tahitian Top-Up 30min £30
  • Tahitian Top Up 60min £35

***NEW*** LVL Lashes £49

This new treatment has taken the salon by storm and is a favorite among the therapists . LVL stands for Lift-Volume-Lift. This amazing treatment that includes a lash tint, lifts and curls your own natural lashes to really open up your eyes. This treatment usually lasts 6-8 weeks! Great pre holiday, low maintenance lash treatment. *Patch Test Required*

LPG Eye Lift £30 Course of 12 £299


NuPubombshellra Spa is a registered HD Brow salon. Hd Brows have taken the beauty industry by storm over the past few years and we are delighted to be able to offer this fantastic treatment. Hd Brows founded by Nilam Patel offers a bespoke eyebrow treatment that gives you brows to die for!
Consisting of waxing, tinting, threading, tweezing, trimming and finishing off your brows following Nilam’s unique 7 step technique.
Only therapists that have been on the HD Brow training course can provide this treatment so be caushious of salons offering ‘like’ HD Brows because nothing comes close to the real HD Brow experience.

A patch test is required 48 hours before treatment. If you are unable to pop into the salon to get this please call us and we will post it out to you. The treatment may not be done without the patch test.

It is best but not essential that you allow your brows to grow before having the treatment. Some clients who have over plucked brows we reccomend that they come in sooner rather than later. For these clients oftern the HD Brow treatment is more of a process than a one treatment=results treatment. Overplucked brows can sometimes take months to grow in the places that we require for you to achieve your best shape. In the mean time we will train your brows and you will be shown how to pencil your brows in. You may purchase ‘grow baby grow’ this is a formula that is designed to encourage eyebrows to grow, to help you achieve your ultimate HD Brow look.

We hope to see you soon….

HD Brow Cost £25


*Patch Test Requiredhd brows

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