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Lycon hot wax is the strongest most hygienic waxing product on the market. So string that it can remove hairs as short as 1mm! Due to it’s unique procedure and ingredients it has no damage to the skin unlike strip waxing making it perfect for intimate and facial areas. Along with no damage to the skin it significantly reduced the pain factor of waxing. Many clients also notice that they can go longer in between waxing appointments do to the Lycon wax being so strong and removing the shortest of hairs. Lycon hot wax is well worth the small extra cost. If you have never tried Lycon wax before speak to your therapist and we will be happy to trial it for you at the cost of the strip wax, we are that confident you won’t be disappointed!

  • Basic Bikini £20
  • Californian Bikini £25
  • Brazilian Bikini £30
  • Hollywood Bikini £35
  • Eyebrows £12
  • Lip £8
  • Chin £10
  • Lip & Chin £14
  • Underarm £12


                    STRIP WAXING 


Eyebrows £9

Lip £6

Lip & Chin £10

Underarm £8

Forearm £ 14

Full Arm £18

Stomach £8

Basic Bikini £12

Californian £14

Brazilian £20

Hollywood £22

Half Leg £14

3/4 Leg £18

Full Leg £24


Men’s Back £20

Men’s Chest £20

Men’s Back & Chest £30


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