Lash Perfect

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Part of the The Eyelash Design Company, one of the world’s leading suppliers of eyelash treatments, NuPura Spa & Beauty is proud to offer Lash Perfect’s innovative solutions to its customers. Our experienced team of therapists are highly trained to Lash Perfect’s exacting standards, so they can skillfully deliver the Lash Perfect Classic, Lash Perfect Russian and Lash Perfect Express treatments.

The innovative design of Lash perfect lash extensions and adhesive means that the treatment can last the full growth cycle of your natural lashes, so they look fabulous for a long as possible. Whether you’re looking for a natural or a dramatic style, there is a Lash Perfect treatment for you.


Lash Perfect Classic 

The Lash Perfect Classic treatment provides lashes that will wow  By placing synthetic individual lashes on to your natural lashes using the finest quality medical grade adhesive our therapists will enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

Lash Perfect Classic Lashes are light, comfortable and natural looking eyelash extensions, available in a variety of curls, lengths and thicknesses, so we can help you create the look you want. To maintain this treatment we recommend booking in to NuPura Spa & Beauty for infills every two to three weeks, as well as following the aftercare information provided by our experienced beauty technicians.


Lash Perfect Russian

For a fuller, more voluminous look, Lash Perfect Russian lashes is the ideal treatment.

Our therapists will apply several fine synthetic lashes to one of your natural lashes; this is a long lasting and light to wear treatment that will not damage your eyelashes. A full set gives a high impact look with lots of volume, while a natural set gives a light and subtle appearance.

There are many different styles of lashes and application techniques for you to choose from, with Russian Layering, Russian Varia and more. Your technician will create the perfect look for you.