Here at Nu Pura Spa & Beauty we offer Lycon for all your waxing needs. Lycon is a complete premium waxing system that is designed to make waxing treatments easier, virtually pain free and deliver the very best results, removing hair as short at 1mm.

We have an extensive choice of waxing treatments - for both men and women - for the face and body. We’re also proud to use Lycon pre-wax and aftercare products, to ensure the most comfortable experience for our clients.


Lycon Hot Waxing 

The premium option for flawless waxing, Lycon Hot Wax is a low temperature formula which shrink-wraps onto hair as it dries, remaining pliable so it can remove hair as short as 1mm quickly and painlessly.

Lycon Hot Wax also includes aromatherapy ingredients that are soothing and perfect for sensitive areas. It can also be re-applied in the same area multiple times to remove stubborn hair growth, without feeling too hot or causing skin trauma or irritation.

Lycon Strip Waxing

Super thin and free of sticky residue, Lycon Strip Waxes remove short hair easily and are virtually pain free. The formula also uses soothing aromatherapy ingredients and Lycon Strip Wax can also be reapplied on the same area two to three times, to ensure no hair is missed.

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Intimate Waxing

Our therapists are trained to wax all areas of the body and are happy to answer any questions about the process and which Lycon products they recommend.

Clients coming to NuPura Spa & Beauty for intimate waxing treatments such as Brazilian and Hollywood Waxing are often a little apprehensive, especially for the first time.

There’s no need to worry, our team is extremely experienced in these techniques and will ensure you are comfortable and fully prepared for your treatment. So if you aren't sure about what treatment is right for you, or you would just like to know more about what intimate waxing involves, just drop us a line.