Sienna X 

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For a perfect tan whatever the weather, NuPura Spa & Beauty chooses Sienna X tanning solutions. Our team of therapists is fully trained and accredited in the use of Sienna X equipment and products - a favourite amongst beauty experts and celebrities alike. 

Glow with confidence

Sienna X products help you to look and feel great inside and out, so you can glow with confidence.

The premium tanning product for beauty professionals and winner of the Beauty Guild Awards for ten years in a row, Sienna X apply quality and expertise to the creation of its products, to allow customers to raise the bar of what they expect from tanning products.

One of the most natural tans we’ve ever seen.
— Marie Claire

Our team of therapists can advise you on the best tanning solution for your needs, colouring and skin type, just get in touch.

Vegan Friendly

Sienna X products are vegan friendly according to both vegan standards for cosmetics and the Vegan Society. None of its ingredients cause harm to, or consume any animal, therefore we meet the cosmetic standards for veganism.

However, more extreme vegans will omit ALL animal products from their everyday life, regardless of how they are sourced. Although the Sienna X range does not contain animal derived ingredients (where the animal has been killed, harmed or consumed) some ingredients do have animalic sources, such as lanolin and beeswax, therefore would not be suitable to use.

For a sunkissed glow use Sienna X
— Hello Magazine

Sienna X’s full ethical product information can be found here. If you are unsure if the product is suitable for you, speak to a member of our team.